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*** MY PROFILE ***

(^_^). . .oHayo gOsAimAsus. . .(^_^)
Im Danica Ann S. Tuazon Comsci student!
just call me Bherry or Nhica . . .
from Ususan Taguig City ",)
I study at Infotech Institute of Arts and Sciences.

1st hug? Parents
1st kiss? Parents
1st luv? Raven
1st crush Emman

Love in school? Coolhet
Best Friend? Chrissie
Friends? glenda, alelyn arvic, grace, may, tina, wena, jhay ar, j-anne
niko, gerald, carlo, tofi, marck, mikee, mitch, jho, denz, master, suraw, pare mac, angelica, roste, darrah, aeryn, tropang f9, tropang etuc'z, danger society etc..

Most Unforgetable Moment? "Nang madapa me ^laki sugat ouch!"
Date? January 31, 2008 "THURSDAY"
PLace? "Plaza"
Person? Graecta & Nikkotin
Goal in Life? "to finish my studies"
Motto? if you love somebody love him as your self

Thank you, Remember, real friends share all their secrets
w/ each other and can be trusted with them too....
I trust and love you!!.. and friends remain and No one can end, . .
"dont change your good attitude but change your bad attitude"..
..take care of your self & i wish that you have a good life, share your problem
with your friends, . when you really love a person you'll set a side your differences,.
and work out the best in your relationship...!! GOD BLESS, i always love you
****its me BHERRY 715****

"YoU wAnT tO KnOw My ConTact Number??"~~~>here oh! (,"o92o554426o / o922342o198 / o9o52673961",)